Maybe my boyfriend was right when he decided not to go out and get fucked.. Maybe I am just a bitter old queen for trying.. Maybe it is time I stop ignoring those who love me.. That is all I can write right now but trust me I will return to this some time down… Continue reading Maybe

A Little Modern Interpretation

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. The above is the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. There is a shit ton of controversy of its meaning.. There are really… Continue reading A Little Modern Interpretation

My Personal Feelings On The Orlando Massacre

I lost two people who were friends of mine on Sunday in the attack on Pulse. I can’t imagine what their parents and siblings are going through after losing their children. 49 men and women who were enjoying a night out and were not too long about to go home and nurse hangovers and sore… Continue reading My Personal Feelings On The Orlando Massacre

My Thoughts on The Orlando Massacre

Someone I know and am friends with posted this on Facebook. My thoughts that,heretofore, have been mute have been given flight. WANT TO KNOW WHAT GAY PEOPLE ARE THINKING RIGHT NOW: START HERE Us gays. We make you look prettier. We dress you for your important occasions. We polish up your neighborhoods until we get… Continue reading My Thoughts on The Orlando Massacre

50 Years Ago

Last night the Lake Erie Monsters did something no Cleveland hockey team has done for 50 years: make the League Finals. The Monsters swept the Ontario Reign in the Western Conference Finals. Ontario was,for all intents and purposes, the defending champions. They scored 13 times and amazingly only scored twice after the second period. The… Continue reading 50 Years Ago

Happy Birthday pup Independence

Today is my former pup Independence’s 69th birthday. I have been in a funk all day because of it. I realised how much I fucked up on May 11th 2015.. I want just one thing to happen before June 4th. I want the opportunity to say I’m sorry. Then and only then will I be… Continue reading Happy Birthday pup Independence


The American Hockey League in its infinite wisdom has decreed that Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals between the Ontario Reign and Lake Erie Monsters will have a puck drop of 8 pm Pacific Daylight Time at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario. That means puck drop for Game 1 is at 11… Continue reading WTF?!?!

Rant. Rant. Rant. Rant

I need to vent for a minute. I rarely ask for anything and I will give you a great example as to why I don’t.. I am supposed to be moving to PA this week and I asked someone on Facebook who I know who lives not too far from where my new roommate lives.… Continue reading Rant. Rant. Rant. Rant

How to Train A Submissive.. My Thoughts

Really?? If the submissive is gay then I would like to think that he would know how to treat a man. In this respect training should take the form of sensitivity training. If a sub is raw and needs to be trained the best place to start in the art of being sensitive. Sensitive to… Continue reading How to Train A Submissive.. My Thoughts

How To get My Boyfriend to Move East

As much as I want to live full time in Southern California with my future husband I have come to realise that it may not be a practical proposition financially. So I have hatched a plan to get him to move to New York. As a matter of fact this evil little plan revolves around… Continue reading How To get My Boyfriend to Move East

What Today Means to Me

Today is April 21st. While it would, by all accounts seem like an ordinary day two of the most earth shattering events in my life took place on this day.. The first happened in 2002. My SIR decided that it was time for me to have a pup brother and collared a second pup. I… Continue reading What Today Means to Me

A Door Closes

Close every door to me/Keep those I love from me Interesting song lyrics but quite appropriate for what I am about to say. I am moving away from Cleveland in about two weeks. It is time to close the door on my two year experiment in Ohio. Do I regret moving here?? Not one bit.… Continue reading A Door Closes

Crackbook is at it again

I ask humbly is there anything wrong with this photo that SHOULD piss Facebook and its gang of censors off?? You say no??? That’s what I say. Well Facebook and I don’t see eye to eye because I posted this yesterday with quite an innocent caption and not only did it get removed but I… Continue reading Crackbook is at it again

My Plans for the Next Three Months

I have a lot going on between now and June 1st.. Here is a little taste of what will happen.. March 10th to April 11th: Travel to Columbus, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and New York April 28th to May 1st: CLAW here in Cleveland May 5th to 20th: On the road to New Orleans and… Continue reading My Plans for the Next Three Months


This post was triggered by a conversation I had this morning on Facebook.. The long and the short of the conversation was that I was chatting with him about him being my handler.. I told him that I was a handler as well and he said that he wanted to collar both me and my… Continue reading Respect